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Supreme hobbies A320 Kit Version

Supreme hobbies A320 Kit Version


Ah, the Supreme Hobbies A320 Kit Version, let me break down its features for you:

- Wingspan: 1086mm
- Length: 1200mm
- 9 X 5g servo (not included)
- XRP 5011 blade .2 X EDF 4S power (not included)
- 40A ESC X 2 (not included)
- 6 ch Radio control (not included)
- 2200mAh 4S Li-po battery (not included)
- Comes with both A320 & A320neo Wing Tip Part
- Includes plastic parts and EDO parts (EPO parts and plastic parts not painted)
- Includes windows waterslide deacl
- The kit does not include manual, servos, EDF, motors, ESC, landing gear, remote control

Note that the rotor is made of Fibre Reinforced Nylon.

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